Ish Sodi

Ish Sodi MedalBackground – 

Recipients of the award are Companions having contributed generously of their industry and skill to the craft and being of moral and virtuous character. In Hebrew, the words, Ish Sodi mean “Man of Choice”.  The Order of Ish Sodi recognizes individual Companions for devotion and service to Cryptic Masonry. The basic qualifications for membership are: ARDOR and ZEAL for Cryptic Masonry and SERVICE to the Cryptic Craft, “beyond the call of duty”.

Companions should complete the Order of Ish Sodi Petition and submit it to their Council Recorders to determine their eligibility.

In Arizona – 

The Super Excellent Master Degree and the Order of Ish Sodi are conferred annually in a one-day festival setting, which currently alternates between Phoenix and Tucson.  Arizona is pleased to make these ceremonies open to all eligible Companions in the Southwest Region.    Contact your Council Recorder or the Arizona Grand Recorder for details.

Ish Sodi Form


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