Grand Council

Grand Council of Cryptic MasonsA Council of Cryptic Masons is the second York Rite body that a member joins.  It is also referred to as “Royal and Select Masters” and is the second body where degrees are conferred in the York Rite system of instruction.  Our constituent bodies, styled “Councils,” operate under the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Arizona which chooses allegiance to the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International.

Cryptic Masonry gives the Candidate the links between the allegorical teachings of the preceding degrees and focuses on fulfillment of the promise of understanding that comes with “right work”.  Cryptic masons, owing to the lessons of the degrees, are styled ‘archivers.”  A member must be a Royal Arch Mason in good standing in order to receive these degrees.  The Arizona Councils confer all three of the Cryptic Degrees:

  • The Royal Master
  • The Select Master
  • The Super Excellent Master*

Upon completion of the Degrees, the Candidate is greeted a “Select Master” and is addressed as “Companion.”

*The Super Excellent Master is given yearly, and all Cryptic Masons are encouraged to receive this degree when it is available.

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