The Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Arizona
Officers 2017-18

Donald M. Moyer, Grand Master of Cryptic Masons of Arizona
Donald M. Moyer
Grand Master of Cryptic Masons of Arizona

  • Joseph F. Zito, Deputy Grand Master
    Joseph F. Zito
    Deputy Grand Master
  • Darius G.
    Darius G. "Mac" McClintock
    Grand Principal Conductor of the Work
  • Paul J. Dore, Sr., Grand Treasurer
    Paul J. Dore, Sr.
    Grand Treasurer
  • George E. Weil, Grand Recorder
    George E. Weil
    Grand Recorder
  • David G. Stankow, Grand Chaplain
    David G. Stankow
    Grand Chaplain
  • Hamilton Z. 'Zach' Zachary, Grand Captain of the Guard
    Hamilton Z. 'Zach' Zachary
    Grand Captain of the Guard
  • Roderic L. Wagoner, Jr., Conductor of the Council
    Roderic L. Wagoner, Jr.
    Grand Conductor of the Council
  • Paul C. Howell, Grand Steward
    Paul C. Howell
    Grand Steward

  • John D. Lervold, Grand Marshal
    John D. Lervold
    Grand Marshal
  • Peter H. Johnson Jr., PIGM, Grand Organist
    Peter H. Johnson Jr., PIGM
    Grand Organist
  • Steven K. Weiters, Grand Sentinel
    Steven K. Wieters, Sr.
    Grand Sentinel
  • R. Franklin Edens, Grand Lecturer
    R. Franklin Edens, PIGM
    Grand Lecturer

  • Bob Dennis, Grand Captain of the Guard
    Bob Dennis
    Deputy Grand Lecturer (Yuma District)
  • John W. Huth, Deputy Grand Lecturer
    John W. Huth
    Deputy Grand Lecturer (North District)
  • Steven K. Weiters, Sr., Deputy Grand Lecturer
    Steven K. Weiters, Sr.
    Deputy Grand Lecturer (Central District)
  • Joey Boyer, Deputy Grand Lecturer
    Joey Boyer
    Deputy Grand Lecturer (South District)
  • Paul C. Howell, Grand Sentinel
    Robert C. Richards, PIGM
    Deputy Grand Lecturer (Frontier District)