Welcome to the Arizona York Rite

Congratulations, Brother! 

GYR SealsToday you took another step in your search for light. You answered the call … but will you be chosen?

Ancient Craft Masonry has been rightfully defined as that which deals with the Loss, Recovery, Preservation and Defense of a Word. To the Symbolic or Craft Mason the Loss is exemplified in the Master Mason’s degree. That which was lost is recovered and well explained to those exalted as Royal Arch Masons in the Chapter. How that word is preserved is known only to those who have been greeted Select Masters in the Cryptic Rite and those dubbed Knights in the Knights Templar have taken vows to defend it from those who would defile it.

These lessons and more await you in the York Rite. You will find many questions from your Blue Lodge degrees answered here, for the York Rite’s degrees interleave, chronologically, with those of the Blue Lodge and fill in many of the gaps in information that you may have found. And like Blue Lodge, the York Rite is rich in allegory … you will discover many more lessons and mysteries to unravel.

Will you join us?


  • Joseph F. Zito, KYGCH
    Grand High Priest, 2017-18
    Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Arizona
  • Donald M. Moyer, KYGCH
    Illustrious Grand Master, 2017-18
    Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Arizona
  • Hamilton T. "Zach" Zachary, KYGCH
    Grand Commander, 2017-18
    Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Arizona