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Farewell good friend,
I wish to offer a brief but heartfelt tribute to a good friend of Arizona Masonry.  Scotty Giffen.
Do you ever walk into a room and find that there is one man who always has an opinion on just about every issue?  Have you ever wondered who has the greatest love for a fraternity when you walk into a crowded Lodge room?  Have you ever wanted to know a man who, through years and years of personal experience, you can go to for the most honest answer?  For me, that is the personification of Scotty Giffen.  A man of impeccable honor and dignity, who cared for his brethren, and the fraternity as a whole.  Who always held the tenents of Freemasonry to a height we should only pray we could attain.  He will be sorely missed, always loved and respected.  
Share with those around you your love for our fraternity by being better men, better citizens and better friends.  Honor the memory of a truly good friend and Mason.  
Join me is wishing a dear friend, PEACE.  
Sid Leluan III  
Illustrious Grand Master - AZ







Companions and Sir Knights,

I have obtained approximately 75 Holiday Ornaments that depict George Washington laying the cornerstone of the Capitol. These are 1994 George Washington National Memorial / Mount Vernon commemorative ornaments.
I will be offering them at $10.00 each and all the proceeds will go to our three deserving charities (RARA, CMMRF and Templar Eye Foundation).
The ornaments will be available at the Mid-Year session at Casa Grande. Please limit purchases to no more than 3 to enable as many of our brothers to enjoy these handsome mementos.

I think you would agree that these ornaments are extremely collectable, attractive and reflect the spirit of Freemasonry.
If you cannot make the Mid-Year Session and would like to purchase an ornament please reserve one by sending me an email with your name, phone number, chapter name and the quantity to:

George Weil Commemorative Ornament

773 S. Maple Lane Chino Valley, AZ 86323

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do not send any checks to me until I figure out the postage cost and I send you an acknowledgement email on you order. The acknowledgement email will reserve your order and will give you the final cost including postage.

Most Illustrious Grand Master Sid Leluan has graciously provided a glamour shot of the ornament for you to review. The three Grand Leaders of our Grand York Rite Bodies are very supportive of this endeavor and support this project.

Join us and buy one. This is a great way to contribute to our charities, obtain an ornament(s) for family and friends, and kindle the bright light of Freemasonry to a brighter glow.

Very Respectfully,

George Weil, Grand Lecturer








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Southwest Regional Meeting 2014--Denver

Southwest Regional Meeting with Degrees

Red Cross of Constantine Southwest Regional Conference

2014 Southwestern Regional Meeting

Denver, CO.


– 4040 QUEBEC STREET, DENVER, CO 80216 -Web site: http://www.swregrcc.com has direct link for Hotel reservations



Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine and Appendant Orders

July 18 – 19, 2014

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