Tucson Conclave Welcomes New Officers

Tucson Conclave of the Red Cross of Constantine met in their Annual Meeting / Banquet at the Sheraton Tucson hotel to install their 2018 Officers. Knight Companion Robert Elsner, Intendant General for Arizona, performed the installation.

Welcome to Puissant Sovereign Harry Brown and the 2018 Officers:  

Harry Brown - Puissiant Sovereign
Rod Wagoner - Eminent Viceroy
Randy Jager - SR General
Jean-Claude Malterre - JR General
Ben Pronneke - Treasurer
Fred Lohman - Recorder
EJ Zavatsky - Prelate
Terry DeGrenier - Prefect
Stuart Carter - Standard Bearer
Frank Champa - Herald
Laco Kuchar - Sentinel
Craig Gross, PS - Orator