Arizona Conclave Welcomes New Members and Officers

Arizona Conclave of the Red Cross of Constantine met in their Annual Meeting at the Phoenix/Mesa Hilton to receive new Knight-Companions and to install their 2018 Officers. Welcome to new Knight-Companions: (from 5th L) Mark Nielsen & Doug Robertson (AZ Conclave) Robin Settlemeyer (Tucson Conclave)

The Knight-Companions received the Knight of the Red Cross degree, the first of the three RCC degrees. The degrees are exemplified annually at Regional Assemblies. Arizona candidates will be encouraged to travel to this year's Regional Assembly in Salt Lake City to recieve their remaining degrees, The Order of the Holy Seplecure and the Order of St. John. Installation was followed by Arizona Conclave's Annual Meeting, Banquet and Installation of Officers. Knight Companion Robert Elsner, Intendant General for Arizona, performed the installation.

Welcome to Puissant Sovereign Hamilton T. Zachary and the 2018 Officers:  

Hamilton T. Zachary III - Puissiant Sovereign
Kerry A. Owen - Eminent Viceroy
William R. Greenen Sr. - SR General
Thomas L. Thompson - JR General
Paul J. Dore Sr. - Treasurer
William A. Garrard, Jr. - Recorder
John W. Huth - Prelate
Chadwick B. Burks - Prefect
Russel R. Sayre - Standard Bearer
David P. Miller - Herald
Darius G. McClintock - Sentinel
J. Clayton Howard - Orator

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