AZ York Rite Colleges welcome new Companion-Knights at 2018 "Tri-College" meeting!

Feb 3rd, was Arizona's Annual York Rite College "Tri-College" meeting between Regius College No. 86, White Rose College No. 117 and Thumb Butte College No. 158, all of the York Rite Sovereign College of North America; which was held at Chandler-Thunderbird Lodge.

There was good turnout for the event with 47 Companion Knights attending, including 3 Past Grand Governors, 2 Past Deputy Grand Governors, a visiting Grand Governor from Colorado and our own Grand Governor, Sidney J. Leluan III.

8 Candidates from the three Colleges were initiated: Steve Wieters from Regius No. 86; Roger Cousineau, Randy Jager, Robin Settlemeyer, Walter Williams and Emerick (EJ) Zavatsky from White Rose No. 117 and Steve Bracety and Ted Gambogi from Thumb Butte No. 158. These Companions are very active York Rite members and we're very pleased to have them join their respective Colleges.

Our Degree Assignment tradition from past years continued with Thumb Butte - Opening and 1st Section, White Rose - 2nd Section and Regius 3rd Section and closing. The degree work was spot on and the Candidates and Companion Knights were treated to the special work of CKs George Weil (Thumb Butte) giving the Prologue ahead of the opening, Don Hoffman (White Rose) as King Athelstan and Bill Garrard (Regius), giving the Rose Lecture. They certainly do make the work look effortless!

The 3 College Governors, John Huth - Thumb Butte, Doug Robertson - Regius and Rod Wagoner - White Rose want to thank all Companion Knights for attending and to the Ladies of the Social Order of the Beauceant for providing a wonderful lunch, afterwards. Our jobs were made easier because of the manner in which we all 'best work and best agree'.

Finally, Grand Governor Sid asked that the Governors pass along his heartfelt thanks and appreciation for a job well done!