York Rite FAQ

 1.  Who can join the York Rite?  
~ Any Master Mason in good standing may petition to join the Arizona York Rite.

 2.  What if I'm already a York Rite Member?
~ You can affiliate with a local York Rite body in the same fashion you would affiliate with another blue lodge. Just request a petition to affiliate. If you are not in good standing (past due on dues), you will need to get up to date before petitioning.

 3.   What if my membership has lapsed?
~ Contact your secretary to become current again.

 4.  What is the time committment for the York Rite?
~ That is totally up to you. The stated meeting is typically once a month. If time is an issue, a unified body (chapter, council and commandery all meet on the same night and time) might be the best fit for you. Or you can take the degrees and come as often or as little as you like.

 5.  Is there a religious requirement to join?
~ No.  You must have a belief in a Supreme Being as with your local lodge. For the Knights Templar, you will be asked if you are willing to defend the Christian religion.

 6.  Do I have to be a Christian?
~ No.  You must have a belief in a Supreme Being as with your local lodge. For the Knights Templar, you will be asked if you are willing to defend the Christian religion.  Because of this question, some choose to join only Chapter and Council.  This is entirely up to you and you will be welcomed in any or all of the York Rite.  Just as Freemasonry does not define what belief in God is for the individual Mason, so too does Templary NOT define what Christianity is to the individual Knight Templar. We have several non-Christians who take the Universalist view of religion and are very active Knights Templar. We also have very serious and traditional Christians who find great fulfillment in our traditions.

 7.  Do I have to be a ritualist?
~ No.  There are no tests for ritual proficiency.  We do our very best to perform the degrees in a dignified and meaningful manner.

 8.  Do I have to join all three bodies?
~ No. Many Masons choose this option, or do not join all at once.  However, in Arizona, you must join Chapter first, Council second and Commandery third.

 9.  Do I have to buy any regalia?
~ Yes, but it is minimal.  As a Master Mason, you probably have most of what you need already.  You should check with your local York Rite Secretary/Recorder for more details.

10.  Do I have to make a choice to join either the Scottish Rite or the York Rite?  Can I join both?
~ Joining either or both Rites is your choice, alone.  You can join both and many Masons do.  Albert Pike, the sage of the Scottish Rite, received his York Rite Degrees and orders before receiving his Scottish Rite degrees.

11.  I've heard that the lessons are the same between the Scottish Rite and the York Rite, so you don't need to join both.  Is this true?
~ Members of both Rites have found similarities in their rituals and the lessons. Since our Blue Lodges come from the York Rite family, the Chapter, Council and Commandery lessons enhance our understanding of the EA, FC and MM degrees.  Many Masons feel that the two Rites compliment each other and that participating in both can lead to a fuller understanding of Freemasonry.

12.  My friends say that the Scottish Rite is better than the York Rite.  Is it?
~ Many of us who are members of both Rites can tell you that both Rites have very deep and powerful lessons and that we find each membership equally rewarding..  We would welcome any Scottish Rite member's attendance at a Mark Master degree.

13.  How can I find out more about the York Rite?
~ Come join us for dinner before our stated meeting and visit with us.  You can also download our Information Booklet for prospective members.  See the icon on this page.

14.  Why do you offer the Mark Master degree for free?
~ We want you to get a taste of York Rite Masonry and making and recording your mark as a Mason is something that all Masons should do. We enjoy the York Rite and want to share it with all Master Masons!

15.  Where can I find a Mark Master degree?
~ We maintain a list on THIS PAGE. Or, CONTACT US  and we will help you find one!

16.  How much does it cost to join?
~ It vaires by York Rite body. However, initiation fees are in the $200 range and yearly dues for all 3 bodies are around $100