Where can I get my Degrees and Orders?

To be clear, as an Arizona Master Mason, you are already a York Rite Mason. By joining and participating in the York Rite, you have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the history and teachings of the Blue Lodge. The York Rite’s Degrees and Orders have a direct link to your three Blue Lodge Degrees and as such, help answer many of the questions that arise from what “Masonic tradition informs us ….”.

crff banner Colorado River Fall Festival (CRFF) - Every October York Rite Masons from Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico gather to confer the Degrees and Orders upon worthy Candidates, as a courtesy to their home Bodies. In our over quarter century history we have had the honor of conferring the Degrees and Orders of York Rite Masonry on well over 1000 candidates from twelve jurisdictions, from both North and South America. 
The CRFF usually takes place on the third Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in October.

sayrf bannerEach winter, York Rite Masons from Sierra Vista, Safford, and Tucson meet to confer the York Rite Degrees and Orders on Candidates from our area and around Arizona. It is a unique opportunity for candidates to travel to our various York Rite bodies to experience not only the Work but also our historic venues and unique brand of fraternity and fellowship. Each of our bodies hosts one part of the work: Sierra Vista - Chapter Degrees - January; Safford - Council Degrees - February (in Willcox); Tucson - Commandery Orders - March.


phxyrf bannerEvery Spring, , the Phoenix York Rite Bodies host their “Valley of the Sun” Festival over two consecutive weekends at the historic Arizona Masonic Building at 345 W. Monroe St. On the 1st Saturday—Chapter; on the following Monday (evening)—Council; on the 2nd Saturday, Commandery. The festival’s central location and historic venue makes it the largest and best attended of our State Festivals.

Local York Rite Bodies may confer the Degrees and Orders at other times throughout the year.  These are the main festivals that are scheduled on a recurring basis.