About the York Rite

The York Rite is a collection of ten Masonic degrees and orders. These are conferred in the United States under a trilateral system of governance consisting of Chapters, Councils, and Commanderies. The name derives from the City of York where, according to one Masonic legend, the first meeting of Masons in England was held in the year 926 A.D.

The York Rite (along with the Scottish Rite) is one of two appendant Bodies of Masonry beyond the level of the Craft (or Blue Lodge). It is focused on expanding a Master Mason’s understanding of several important ideas introduced in the first three degrees of the Blue Lodge. The York Rite has a special and close relationship to the Blue Lodge degrees. It continues the lessons learned in the Fellowcraft degree and completes the journey that Hiram began in the Master Mason degree. It teaches the meaning of the True Word, offering impressive lessons from the Christian Knighthood tradition in a ceremony which is among the most beautiful in all of Masonry. In fact, the third tier of the York Rite, known as the Orders of Templary, has traditionally been styled the Christian Order of Freemasonry.

The York Rite takes the Master Mason on a journey into the oldest traditions of English Freemasonry. Every serious student of Masonry should be a York Rite Mason. We are convident that you will benefit from the added knowledge gained through your York Rite experience.

The Essential Theme of the York Rite

The degrees and orders of York Rite Masonry all revolve around one great center—the True Word.

  • In the Symbolic Lodge that Word was lost.
  • In the Chapter degrees, you will find the Master’s Word and where it was concealed before the death of Hiram.
  • In the Council degrees, the Word is preserved. You will have a conversation with Hiram Abif about his mortality and discover how and why the Master’s Word was lost, by whom, and for what purpose. .
  • In the Orders of the Commandery, the Word is explained. You will assist in rebuilding the 2nd Temple and learn the origins of the Knights Templar. and become a Knight after the tradition of Templary.